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May 15, 2008

My Friends and I

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Actually, this post is just about my memory in my old school. When I loved to read manga, read novel, watch movie with my classmates. And know, I’m not there. I’m not with my friends….

And, I just don’t want to forget them and memories them, as long as I can…

I have old special classmates. I love book. They love it, too. What kind of movie that I like, they would like it as I like it. What kind of book I love, they would love it, too. Fiction, fantasy fiction, science fiction, and other movies and stories, anime, manga, comics, are special in my class.

If there was a new book. One person bought it, and one class would read it. Nice isn’t it? There’s new movie, bought the dvd, then, we were watching the movie in classroom. After school, or in very short break times. We laughed, we cried, we breathless, together, at the same time. We felt that we were in one spirit. With same feeling. We were crying in Bridge to Terabithia, we were laughing in School of Rock, we were breathless in Harry Potter movies, and other movies. I miss that times.

We love music, too. Same kinds of music. We sang together with keyboard, guitar, piano, and violin sometimes. Ya, we just took it easy, relax. ‘Till I would leave them, on the last day I had been there, we watch our movies again. And, we took our guitar and sang on the street. Do you think we are crazy? Yeah, we felt it sometimes, but, we LOVE it!! To be crazy is not too bad (’till we don’t be really crazy).

Friends, would you promise to me that you would never forget it?? ‘Cause, I can’t forget it!! Please..

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  1. ass. my strange sister
    what a nice story it is!
    that story shows that friends n friendship r very important to u
    especially in bi-1
    don’t worry strange, i promise i won’t forget u (insya Allah)
    coz you’re my strange sister
    n i hope ur friends in bi-1 won’t forget u too. amin!
    that’s all

    Comment by strange sister 424 — June 24, 2008 @ 1:22 am

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