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May 14, 2008

My Tears on The Movie…

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It’s my experience with my friend about great movie.. Bridge to Terabithia. It’s a movie based on Katherine Patterson’s book. If you are interested, write a comment please, and I’ll give you the summary about this great great great movie.

After school, my friend promised to me that she would go to my house. Special for watching Bridge To Terabithia. Because she has the book. She was very interesed about the movie and I have the dvd. She loved the book very much. And, I found it in a dvd shop, I read the summary, and interested, then, i bought it.       

It was in my house. We were ready to watch with very relaxing pose and so much snacks. The movie began, our trip to their world also began. It’s a very very very nice movie!!!!! Oh God! I love it so much. ‘Till the snacks is got empty, it was really really good! Nice! Made me brethless! Hahaha.

And at the end, when Leslie Burke was died, oh noooooooooooo! My and her tears dropped one by one. We used tissue, and the tissue box got empty in a very short time. My friend’s tie was getting wet and wet. Oh no! ‘Till she came home, our tears couldn’t stop. Really!

And after the movie over, I still couldn’t forget about it! I’m shaking!!!

The next day, my friend didn’t use her tie. Because, HER TIE STILL WET WITH HER TEARS YESTERDAY! Oh Godness!!


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